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Model A  Spotlight

Rolie and Carol’s 1931 Deluxe Coupe is named ‘Lula’.  She is named after Rolie’s paternal Grandmother.  Rolie and Carol have owned ‘Lula’ since the 2016 Albany Swap Meet.  According to Rolie it was a spur of the moment purchase. Caryl and Rolie went to the Swap Meet just to look around and see what all the hype was about. Rolie had no intention of buying a Model A, but it was on his bucket list to own one someday.  As they walked into building 4, the car was on display and for sale. A club member was selling it due to the death of her husband. Rolie knew there were many different body styles, so if this would have been a Tudor or Fordor he would have probably fell in love with it as he did this coupe. Being a shade tree mechanic and working on many cars, primarily Volkswagens, Rolie had little knowledge about Model A's. Boy did that change quickly!

Rolie’s favorite memory was when they towed ‘Lula’ down to Southern California on a trailer to their son’s wedding in May 2019.  Their son was offered a 1963 Ferrari 250 Gt to use as a "getaway car" but chose "Lula" instead. 

As for what is in the future for ‘Lula’, Rolie looks forward to continuing to drive and do maintenance on ‘Lula’ for many years to come. She will remain in their family for many years. Eventually being passed on to their Son and then to their Grandson. 

When things go astray, Rolie always keeps in mind a quote that Martin Harding uses frequently when things go astray, “When we look back on this we will realize how much fun we were having”.


To have your 'A' featured here... send us an email of a recent event or adventure you took your 'A' on with photos and a short description.

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